The Project Wombat Legal Page (Terms of Service)


By sending a message to any of the Project Wombat lists, you agree implicitly to the waivers, terms, and conditions outlined on this page at the time your message was sent.

Personal information contained in messages sent to the Project Wombat list(s) will be archived, and the archives will be available to the public. We are not responsible for personal information in messages sent to the list(s).

General Legal Disclaimer

The organization (including the owner(s) of the domain, the advisory board, the list moderators, and any other parties acting on their behalf, and the organization(s) providing e-mail distribution, web hosting, or other related technical services for the Project-Wombat list(s)) accept no liability for any of the following:

In addition, in the event of a change in hosting, former e-mail or web hosts of the Project Wombat list(s), web page, or associated materials accept no liability for materials no longer hosted through their services, even if said materials still carry their name, address, or other contact information.

The organization reserves the right to edit copies of messages stored in the archives, particularly for the purposes of legal compliance or to maintain standard index terms.

This disclaimer may be subject to change without notice.

Copyright and Patent Statement

Sending a message to the list(s) implicitly assigns to the public domain any previously unpublished content in the message. In the case of previously published work:

Removal of Copyrighted or Patented Materials

If a message in the archives contains copyrighted or patented material, the organization will make a good-faith attempt to remove the portions of the text which are in violation, provided that the message was not sent by the copyright or patent holder. (In that case, the message would be considered publication and would not be a violation of rights.)

Specifically: copyrighted or patented information will be replaced by “[Copyrighted or Patented text removed]”.

If you wish to have material removed from the archives, you must send a message to the address This message must have “[Project Wombat Rights Violation]” in the subject line, and must contain:

Obviously spurious requests — such as claims to have a copyright on a phrase — will not receive responses, nor will requests to remove material in cases where the use would certainly fall under the heading of “fair use”, such as quoting one paragraph of a book to answer a specific question.