Project Wombat: Donations

Project Wombat is hosted at Dreamhost. Dreamhost has a nice feature whereby people can donate money to a hosting account using PayPal. This page is how you go about doing that.

How much does it cost to run Project Wombat?

Our hosting is prepaid through November 2020, at a rate of US$5.95 per month. This money was raised entirely in the form of member donations in a period of less than 4 days in late October, 2010.

At the present time, we are no longer accepting donations towards hosting, because we cannot use any more money until 2020. If you feel like donating money, we recommend examining the following:


Project Gutenberg

Project Wombat was, for several years, partially hosted by Project Gutenberg. This is no longer the case, but the parting was an amicable one, and so we’d like to remind you here that Project Gutenberg is not only staffed by nice people, they too accept donations which are tax-deductable in many areas. So if you’re making donations, please give them something as well.


Kiva represents an international group of micro-lenders, helping poor people become financially independent worldwide. Loans made via Kiva (if successful) are paid back; the repayments can be withdrawn, re-loaned, or donated directly to fund the Kiva organization itself. See their website for details.

U.S. provides teaching materials for underfunded U.S. schools. As the name implies, when you make a donation via their website, you can pick what materials your donation will help pay for.

Feeding America

Feeding America helps fund food banks across the United States. (Food banks act as central depots for local food-related charities, providing free and cut-rate food.) You can donate via their website, or use it to find a local food bank where you may be able to volunteer to help out.